All Saints Sunday (30/10)

This Sunday marks the end of the long liturgical season of Ordinary Time as we celebrate All Saints Sunday on 30 October with two services in the St Mary’s Welcome Centre: a 9am Holy Communion service and a 10.30am Holy Communion service.

Both services will be led by Revd Vanessa Conant with a sermon from Natalie Burwell.

All Saints is part of the All Hallows’ triduum: three days where we are aware of those who have gone before us and blessed us by their example, and of those we love and no longer see. It is a ‘thin’ season where the distance between heaven and earth seems somewhere smaller, and where we reflect on themes of life and death with honesty, reverence and hope.

This Sunday also marks the beginning of our month of preparation as we look forward to returning to our ancient church building.

We will livestream our 10.30am service to our Facebook page for those who are unable to join us in person; for those who are able to join us in the Welcome Centre, we will offer our children’s lounge for self-guided play, and we invite parents and carers to feel relaxed coming and going as needed.

We hope to see you this Sunday at St Mary’s!


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