Baby Sensory Course

Starting Rite is a baby sensory course which runs over five Tuesdays (begins 25/2 and ends 24/3) from 10.30am-12pm (tea and coffee from 9.30am), with fun activities for babies aged 0-1, including singing, story-telling, baby massage and multi-sensory play.

The course is open to any parent/ carer and their child.

There are eight places per course and it is completely free of charge (click on the link below to reserve your place).

During our five-session course you and your baby will play, splash, peek-a-boo, cuddle and have a lot of fun together.

We will also use these times of playful interaction to think about ways in which you can help your child understand more about faith. For example, you may be asking yourself the following:

-What is church about?
-How can I have my child baptised?
-How will I talk to my child about values?
-How can I pray with my child?

Starting Rite helps you to think through and answer some of these questions while also helping you bond with your baby. Join us for this fun, relaxed and free course! Register here:


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