CAP Debt Centre

St Mary’s partners with Christians Against Poverty, a national charity, to run a debt centre which works with people who are in debt and need help.

The service is free of charge and completely confidential. In the years since we started the debt centre, we have helped over 500 people, and over 100 people have gone debt-free.

In February 2020, we celebrated 10 years of running a Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre.

Our centre is run by Sue Peacham, a member of our congregation. Sue can arrange to visit clients in their homes alongside a member of her team and will work with CAP’s headquarters in Bradford to put an end to any harassing phone calls, visits or post from debt collectors clients receive.

Sue, with the help of CAP experts, will then create a plan to help those in debt get out of trouble, or will determine if bankruptcy is the best option and will help clients navigate that process if necessary.

Sue and her team also always offer to pray with clients if they would like prayer, though this is always optional, and people’s faith, background and lifestyle are not relevant in accessing help. We work with anyone we think we can help and do so because we are Christians.

If you are in debt, call Christian Against Poverty’s national hotline at 0800 328 0006; if you live locally, the advisor will then put you in touch with Sue and our debt centre here at St Mary’s.