Easter Sunday (17/4)

Join us for Easter Sunday services in the St Mary’s Welcome Centre at 9 and 10.30am this morning as we celebrate the audacious claim that the earliest witnesses made, and which we still proclaim today, 2,000 years later: Jesus Christ is risen, and he is alive!

Holy Week & Easter 2022

Join us for Holy Week and Easter 2022 at St Mary’s and in the Parish of Walthamstow. We’ll begin Holy Week on Tuesday 12 April with a free printmaking activity in St Mary’s Churchyard at 10.30am for children ages 7 and up (with all children accompanied by a parent/ carer). This event, which is supported by […]

New Monthly Communion Service Starts Today at 2pm

We’d like to invite you to a new monthly service of Holy Communion in the St Mary’s Welcome Centre. This short service will be held every second Monday of the month at 2pm, and we’ll hold our first monthly service today (Monday 11 October) at 2pm in the Welcome Centre. Today’s service will be led […]