Sunday Services (5/3): Being Church (Justice)

On the Second Sunday in Lent (4 March) we will continue our ‘Being Church’ series, reflecting on ‘justice’. We’ll share Holy Communion at both 9am and 10.30am, with supervised children’s groups available at 10.30am. This Sunday, Revd Alan Moss will lead us and Revd Vanessa Conant will preach at both services. 

St Mary’s Reopening Weekend (23-26 February 2023)

We’re delighted to celebrate the reopening of St Mary’s on the final weekend of February 2023 with free events for all ages. For all events on Thursday and Saturday, you must book in advance.

Ash Wednesday & Lent at St Mary’s (22/2)

Join us at St Mary’s for two Ash Wednesday services – one in the morning (7.30am), and one in the evening (7.30pm) – as we share Holy Communion and the imposition of ashes, marking our foreheads with an ash cross as a sign of penitence and as a reminder of our mortality and commitment to Christ. 

Sunday Services: Being Church (12/2)

On Sunday 12 February, Revd Dave Edmondson will lead our 9am service of Holy Communion, while Jacintha Danaswamy, our ordinand, will lead at 10.30am. Revd Alan Moss will preach at both services as we reflect on ‘Giving’ as part of our our series, ‘Being Church.’

Sunday Services: Being Church (5/2)

On Sunday 5 February, join us for Holy Communion at 9am or 10.30am as we continue our series ‘Being Church’, looking at serving.

New Year’s Day Service (1/1)

Join us on Sunday 1 January 2023 as we celebrate the New Year and continue our Christmas celebrations in a 10.30am Holy Communion service for all ages with Revd Vanessa Conant leading, preaching and presiding.

Easter Sunday (17/4)

Join us for Easter Sunday services in the St Mary’s Welcome Centre at 9 and 10.30am this morning as we celebrate the audacious claim that the earliest witnesses made, and which we still proclaim today, 2,000 years later: Jesus Christ is risen, and he is alive!

Holy Week & Easter 2022

Join us for Holy Week and Easter 2022 at St Mary’s and in the Parish of Walthamstow. We’ll begin Holy Week on Tuesday 12 April with a free printmaking activity in […]