Citizens’ Manifesto Released

We’re proud of St Mary’s climate leadership team, which helped get the goal of making London carbon-neutral by 2030 into the Citizens UK manifesto!

The manifesto (which was just released today – 25th February) will be presented to candidates for Mayor of London in a series of pre-meetings, as well as put to mayoral candidates at our 6,000-person Mayoral Assembly on 21st April 2020, which will be held at the Copperbox in Olympic Park.

As St Mary’s and the wider parish, we’re working to bring 100 people to the Mayoral Assembly, and we would love to have you join us.

Do take a look at the Citizens’ manifesto to learn more about what we’re asking the candidates and why. Worship isn’t just something that happens on a Sunday – it happens with how we live our lives and the things we do to care for our neighbours! To learn more about our Citizens UK membership and why, as Christians, we do community organising, check out this page. You can also learn more about theology and community organising from our friends at the Centre for Theology and Community.


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