Climate Listening Events in August

As part of our effort to make London carbon-neutral by 2030 and ensure that the policies of a Green Transition prioritise low-income communities, St Mary’s and our Citizens UK alliance are meeting with 400 leaders from around London, listening to people’s experiences of pollution, poor air quality, damp and mouldy homes, high energy bills, insecure work, poor transport links and more in the run up to our Citizens UK Mayoral Assembly in Spring 2021 with the candidates for Mayor of London.

We’re having four listening meetings on Zoom for parishioners in August, each lasting exactly 90 minutes, and we’d love for you to attend one of them; whether you’re part of St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Music Hall, St Mary’s School or you just live in our parish (which covers much of E17!), if you have a story of how pollution or climate change impacts you, we want to hear about it. Register now for one of our climate listenings by signing up here; there are four dates to choose from, and we’ll add more if there’s demand:

Sunday 2nd August, 3pm

Sunday 9th August, 3pm

Thursday 20th August, 8pm

Saturday 22nd August, 10am

From our listening, we’ll work with experts to develop specific climate policies, and we’ll put those policies to the candidates alongside securing promises from each of them to meet with us regularly.

We’re calling this our ‘Just Transition’ campaign because we have the opportunity not only to address the climate crisis, but to tackle inequality at the same time, ensuring that those already struggling directly benefit from a greener, carbon-neutral London. Learn more about our campaign here.


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