Epiphany (3/1)

Today we celebrate the Epiphany, translated as ‘Manifestation’, when Jesus Christ was revealed to the Magi or ‘Wise Men’ – travellers from the East. We celebrate with carols, prayers and a traditional Epiphany blessing for our homes. Revd Vanessa Conant preaches, with scripture readings from Donna Bart and Jermaine Edwards, and intercessions from Jess Hall. 

Access our online service whenever is convenient by clicking here, or join us at 10.30am on Facebook as we broadcast the service, with some portions pre-recorded, others delivered live.

We also have another wonderful service for children which we hope you will use and share with those who might find it helpful; it features songs, activities and teaching, which you can access here.

Finally, your donations are our primary source of income and have kept us going throughout the pandemic. We have a secure way for you to give online, which you can do in seconds by clicking here.


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