Link for Sunday Service (22/3)

Welcome to our 10.30am service at St Mary’s! Though our building is now closed for public worship, the church is the people – us! – and we’re fortunate to be able to gather online for worship.

Please click the link below to join us for our 22nd March Sunday Service; you won’t need any special software or knowledge, just a computer (or smart phone), a Web browser, and an Internet connection.

We’re celebrating Mothering Sunday while also holding each other, our neighbours, our country and our world in prayer before God. Join us for our service now, with the opportunity to chat online afterwards (more details on how to do this at the end of our service):

Click here to join St Mary’s Walthamstow’s 22nd March Sunday Service.

Finally, here are some additional links you might find useful (and which are also included in the service), as well as some opportunities to join us this coming week for online fellowship and chats on Zoom (you’ll need to download Zoom, which is free, to join any of these chats; however, there’s a link for you to request a phone call instead if you would find that easier). We’re also offering to pray for you, and wondering if you need any help and inviting you to sign up to pray for others or help in another way; those links are also below. Finally, our partners Red Balloon Family are offering a free weekly box for families, with crafts and faith-building activities, as well as a free online session with Red Balloon Family.

Video Fellowship for the Week of Sunday 22nd March:

Monday (23/3), 16:00-16:30, for Young Families: 

Wednesday (25/3), 20:30-21:30, for Young Adults:

Thursday (26/3), 19:30-20:00, for Everyone:

Prayer and other Assistance:

Prayer Requests:
Offer Help:

Red Balloon Family:

Family box:


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