Pentecost Sunday (31/5)

We’re celebrating Pentecost today – the birth of the church, and the moment when people of all different ethnicities and backgrounds were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Today’s service is led by Revd Adam Childs, with a reflection from our Rector, Revd Vanessa Conant, and scripture readings from David Baker and Rachel Roger.

Today’s service features Pentecost greetings in a variety of languages from members of our congregation, including greetings from Cynthia (Twi), Phil (Welsh), Nelly and Morris (Swahili), Claudia (Italian), Franek (Polish), Kat (Russian), Jacintha (Irish), Flavia (Runyankole), Laura (Greek) and Stanley (Yoruba). Today’s prayers are from Jacintha Danaswamy, and our service features music from our musical director, Jonathan Rathbone.

We’re so glad you’re with us; join the service now by clicking here. And after the service, at 11.30am, we’ll gather for a post-service meet-up on Zoom. Join our Zoom gathering by clicking here.


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