Sunday Service (19/7)

Welcome to our Sunday Service for 19th July – we’re glad you’re here.

Today, we’ll be live-streaming our worship service at 10.30am via Zoom, watching the pre-recorded sections together and collectively participating in the liturgy in real-time. You can join our Zoom service here (Meeting ID: 928 700 485 / Passcode: 040088), or you can watch the service at your own pace and at a time of your choosing by clicking this link.

Revd Vanessa Conant leads today’s service and preaches on the parable Wheat and the Weeds, exploring the theme of Holy Patience.

Today’s music is from Jonathan and Helen Rathbone with vocal contributions from St Mary’s choir; our scripture readings are from Holly Wilkins and Keith Talbott. Natalie Burwell leads us in prayer, while Jacintha Danaswamy brings us an interview with Melvyn Naidoo from the charity Spark2Life as they discuss youth mentoring in Waltham Forest. 

As always, we’ll meet for coffee and an all-church hangout on Zoom at 11.30am. You can join us for that by clicking the link here (Meeting ID: 928 700 485 / Passcode: 040088). And if you’d like to give financially to the work of St Mary’s today – either as a one-time gift or by setting up a standing order – you can do so securely and in seconds here on the website. We’re so thankful for your contributions, which are our primary source of income.


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