Sunday Service (23/8)

Welcome to our Sunday Service for 23rd August – we’re glad you’re here. Today we’re continuing our series called, ‘The Way of Love’, exploring worship.

Our service is led by Revd Vanessa Conant, with a sermon from Revd Adam Childs, scripture readings from Robert Andrews and Charnelle Barclay, prayers from Jack Baker and music from Jess Hall and Jonathan and Helen Rathbone.

While you can join our pre-recorded service whenever is convenient for you, we’ll be watching the service together, live on Zoom, at 10.30am. The link to join our Zoom gathering at 10.30am – as well as for our 11.30am post-service hangout – is in the weekly St Mary’s email.

If you don’t receive our weekly email, but would like to join us on Zoom today, email, and we’ll send you the link.

Finally, your donations are our primary source of income and help us to serve Walthamstow, care for each other and actively live out our faith; if you feel able to give a one-time financial gift today – or would like to set up a standing order – you can do securely and within seconds by clicking here.

Join the service now by clicking here.


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