Sunday Service (5/7)

Welcome to our service for Sunday 5th July, the fourth Sunday after Trinity.

Today’s service is led by Revd Adam Childs, with scripture readings from Ollie Elgie and Rebecca Branch, prayers from Mark Hough, and music from Jonathan and Helen Rathbone; Revd Vanessa Conant gives our sermon.

Today in our Gospel reading, Jesus invites all those who are weary and heavy laden to come to him, for he will give them rest. How are we able to enter into this rest, what is the invitation of Jesus to the church at this time? Join our service now by clicking here.

After the service, at 11.30am, we’ll catch up on Zoom, and all are welcome. While we know many are ‘Zoomed-out’ after a full week of online meetings, it would be wonderful to see you, if only for a few minutes. Join our Zoom call by clicking this link.

(Our Zoom meeting ID is: 928 700 485. And the password for our Zoom call is: 040088).

Also, as Revd Vanessa Conant noted in her parish email on Friday, it’s important that we use these summer months to build our relationships as a church. How are we still the church when we are not able to gather as we once did? It is likely that the restrictions to public gatherings will continue for some time, which is an opportunity for us to think about how we can be the church in different ways. Would you give us a sense of how you’re willing to build relationships by filling in this short form?

Finally, if you’d like to give financially to the work of St Mary’s today, you can do securely and within seconds here on our website. The primary source of our funding is your regular gifts, and we’ve been so thankful for the church’s generosity during these past few months. Click here to give.


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