Sunday Service: First Mark of Mission (18/4)

Welcome to our online Sunday Service for 18th April. Today, we begin a new series exploring the Five Marks of Mission which are shared by Anglican churches around the world. These are things we collectively hold to be important in our life as a local, national and global church, and which are most easily remembered by the words tell, teach, tend, transform and treasure.

Today, we’ll explore tell, and what it means “to proclaim the good news of the kingdom”.

Our service is led by Revd Adam Childs – who is also preaching – with scripture readings from Naomi Lundie-Smith and Jack Baker, prayers and intercessions from Jermaine Edwards and special music from Jonathan and Helen Rathbone.

While you can watch our pre-recorded service whenever is convenient by clicking here, we’ll also live-stream today’s service to our Facebook page at 10.30am, with some portions of the service delivered live, others pre-recorded. To join us live on Facebook at 10.30am, click here.

We also have another brilliant online service for children and families with games, activities, songs and teaching. To access this week’s children’s service, click here.

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