Sunday Services (6/2)

On 6 February, join us for one of two Sunday morning services in the St Mary’s Welcome Centre: a 9am Holy Communion, and a 10.30am service with self-guided play for children in the Welcome Centre lounge.

Pentecost Sunday (23/5)

Welcome to our online Sunday Service for 23rd May, Pentecost Sunday. Today, we celebrate the birth of the church and the coming of the Holy Spirit, remembering that day in […]

Sunday Service: Third Sunday in Lent (7/3)

Welcome to our service for 7th March, the Third Sunday in Lent. Today we explore the passage from John 2 in which Jesus expels the money-changers from the temple – […]

Third Sunday of Epiphany (24/1)

Welcome to our online service for 24th January, the third Sunday of Epiphany. Today’s service is led by Revd Dave Edmondson with a sermon from Rhian Johns, scripture readings from […]

Sunday Service (17/1)

Welcome to our Sunday Service for 17th January, the second Sunday of Epiphany. Today, Revd Vanessa Conant preaches and leads as we explore the story of Jesus and Nathanael. Our service […]

Sunday Service (30/8)

Welcome to our service for Sunday 30th August. Today, we join with our sister congregation, St Gabriel’s, to share in worship. This week, we’re taking a break from our ‘Way […]

Sunday Service (12/7)

Welcome to our online service for Sunday 12th July – we’re glad you’re here. Today Revd Vanessa Conant leads our online gathering and Revd Adam Childs reflects on the Parable […]