Vespers: Prayer (19/5)

Welcome to Vespers for 19th May – the third in our series on Benedictine Spirituality. This week, we’ll again draw on the work of Sr Joan Chittister, particularly her book, […]

Online Prayer Course Begins Tonight (19/1)

Would you like to explore prayer in more depth at the start of this year? From this evening (19th January) we’ll be following the 24/7 Prayer Course for six Tuesdays […]

Vespers: Sacrament, Pt 2 (1/7)

Welcome to Vespers for Wednesday 1st July – we’re glad you’re with us. Tonight, Revd Vanessa Conant leads our gathering – part of our series called, ‘The City is My […]

Vespers: ‘Ora et Labora’ (6/5)

Welcome to Vespers for Wednesday 6th May, the latest in our ‘Lockdown Spirituality’ series. Tonight, Revd Vanessa Conant explores the gifts of ‘Ora et Labora’ or ‘Prayer and Work’, and […]

Vespers: Contemplative Silence (29/4)

Welcome to Vespers for 29th March, the third in our ‘Lockdown Spirituality’ series. Tonight we explore contemplative silence: a deep, interior stillness that is the foundation of – or gateway […]

06 April 2020

Holy Week Compline (Online)

St Mary’s Walthamstow
7:30 pm - 8:00 pm