Churchyard Update (8/3)

We have completed our major tree planting now, with the addition of a second Walnut in the older churchyard. It will not be until the end of April until we can be sure of success, but we are hopeful.

Churchyard Update (31/1)

By Tim Hewitt, St Mary’s Head Gardener/ Community Gardener The scaffolding is rising steadily and smoothly. Its perimeter metal fence will give way to corrugated iron before too long, allowing more access to the main churchyard. Meanwhile, we are preparing for a drainage ditch to be dug along Vinegar Alley, behind the Cherry trees. This […]

Churchyard Update (26/7)

By Tim Hewitt, St Mary’s Head Gardener We are starting an exciting new project along the railings, where there are lots of closely packed graves. This will take several months and involve lots of recycled, low nutrient materials; beautiful, drought tolerant plants; and the creation of some excellent habitat for spiders, bees and other insects. […]