Sunday Services (10/9)

On Sunday 10 September, we’ll gather for two Sunday Morning services: a 9am Holy Communion and a 10.30am Morning Worship service with supervised groups for children ages 2-11 (pre-register your child here) alongside a Baby Lounge in the South Vestry. 

Sunday Services (21/5)

On Sunday 21 May, we’ll celebrate Holy Communion at 9am and 10.30am, with supervised children’s groups in the Welcome Centre and a baby lounge in the South Vestry at our 10.30am service. 

Second Sunday of Epiphany (15/1)

On the Second Sunday of Epiphany (15/1), we’ll celebrate Holy Communion at 9am and 10.30am. Both services will be led by Revd Vanessa Conant, who will preside at communion and preach.