Trinity Sunday (7/6)

Welcome to our Sunday Service for 7th June which is ‘Trinity Sunday’.

Trinity Sunday celebrates the mystery and wonder of God – the ‘Three-in-One’, an understanding unique to Christianity – and explores how we can be drawn into this relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Today’s service is led by Revd Vanessa Conant, with a sermon from Natalie Burwell, a call to action by Charnelle Barclay, scripture readings from Philip Brook and Gail Allaway, prayers from John Fairlamb and an interview with our Waltham Forest Citizens’ organiser, Paul Amuzie.

Today’s service features original music from Jonathan Rathbone, with vocals from Helen Rathbone.

Join our service now by clicking here.

At 11.30am, we’ll gather on Zoom for an all-church hangout, and you’re invited.

To join our Zoom meeting, click on this link.


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