Vespers: Peace (4/8)

Welcome to Vespers for 4th August – our final online gathering of the summer.

We will begin meeting in person, in the Welcome Centre (our church hall), on 8th September 2021. If you’re unable to join us in Walthamstow, don’t worry: we’ll continue to offer an online version of Vespers for those unable to join us in person.

Tonight, as we finish our series on Benedictine Spirituality, Natalie Burwell leads us, and Teresa Law gives our reflection, inviting us to consider how our hearts might be disarmed so that we might experience true peace. As always, Vespers features a poem, two pieces of music, two periods of stillness, a reflection and a closing blessing. And as always, it’s for everyone, regardless of background or belief. Join our online gathering now by clicking here.