Vespers: Steadfastness (22/7)

Welcome to our weekly contemplative gathering at St Mary’s which we call Vespers. We’re glad you’re with us. Tonight (22/7) Vespers is led by Natalie Burwell with a reflection from Jacintha Danaswamy. 

This is the penultimate in our series called ‘The City is My Monastery’ (based on a book of the same name by Revd Richard Carter), and it focuses on the practice of ‘staying with’, or what we might also call steadfastness.

As always, Vespers features a poem, two pieces of choral/ instrumental music, two periods of stillness, a reflection, a contemplative practice to try and a closing blessing. And as always, Vespers is for everyone, regardless of background or belief. Join our Vespers gathering now by clicking here.


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