Vespers to Return on 3 May

Vespers has been on a two-week break, but we will return with more stillness and contemplation in Walthamstow’s ancient church and oldest building on Wednesday 3 May at 7.30pm. 

Vespers Returns on Wednesday 7 September

Vespers – our weekly contemplative gathering which we hold every Wednesday at 7.30pm in the St Mary’s Welcome Centre – will return on 7 September after a month’s break. We […]

Vespers Returns Tonight (4/5)

After a two-week break, Vespers will return this evening (Wednesday 4 May) at 7.30pm in the St Mary’s Welcome Centre for 40 minutes of stillness and contemplation. Tonight, Revd Vanessa […]

No Vespers for Next Two Weeks (20/4)

Vespers will be taking a two-week break, with no Vespers gathering on either 20 April 2022 or 27 April 2022. We’ll return on Wednesday 4 May at 7.30pm in the […]

Vespers Returns to In-Person Gatherings (9/2)

This evening (9 February ) we will return to in-person Vespers gatherings in the St Mary’s Welcome Centre, but will live-stream our 7.30pm gathering to Facebook for those unable to join us in person.

Vespers: Healing Presence (26/1)

Tonight, we continue our series on Henri Nouwen’s book, ‘The Wounded Healer,’ as Revd Vanessa Conant reflects on the healing gift of human presence and the ways in which our lives matter to each other.

Vespers: Cultivating Healing (19/1)

Welcome to Vespers for Wednesday 19 January 2022. Tonight we continue our online series on Henri Nouwen’s book, “The Wounded Healer.”

Vespers: Hope in a Wounded World (12/1)

Welcome to Vespers for 12 January 2022. We’re starting a new series this year, drawing on the work of writer Henri Nouwen and particularly his book, The Wounded Healer. Tonight, […]

Vespers: Eternity (22/12)

Welcome to our online Vespers for Wednesday 22 December – the last in our Advent series, and our final Vespers reflection of 2021. This evening, Natalie Burwell draws on the […]